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    Top 6 Battles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

    There is no doubt that fight scenes were already present in movies before the superhero franchise began to take on major significance in pop culture. That said, the MCU blockbusters have probably made it something to watch and look forward to when watching a new release. And with each version of the MCU, it seems that each fight scene becomes more impressive than the...

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    Brooklyn Shooting: A Dark Day for Baltimore and the Urgency for Change

    Introduction: The tragedy of Brooklyn shooting happend on July 2,  2023.  Thе Brooklyn nеighborhood of Baltimorе,  Maryland was struck by a horrific mass shooting,  forеvеr...

    Chrisean Rock: Inspiring Change through Music and Acting

    Introduction: Let's uncover the captivating tale of Chrisean Rock, which begins with a modest background and an unwavering ardor for artistic expression. From the outset,...