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    5 Reasons You Need To Watch Star Trek: The Original Series

    Before there existed Star Trek: The Next Generation, Kirk and Spock were already deep in the action of their science fiction escapades in Star Trek The Original Series. With only 79 episodes in the first season, you won't have to commit too much time to get caught up with this seminal show. The Original Series was the first American television series to include an African-American...

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    The Future of Outdoor Design: Top Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

    Introduction The most recent trend in outdoor designs 2023 goes far beyond the concept of fantastic grilling centers and instead focus on the creation of...

    Brooklyn Shooting: A Dark Day for Baltimore and the Urgency for Change

    Introduction: The tragedy of Brooklyn shooting happend on July 2,  2023.  Thе Brooklyn nеighborhood of Baltimorе,  Maryland was struck by a horrific mass shooting,  forеvеr...