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    The Latest UAE Visiting Visa News

    Actor and comedian Jim Carrey says that the fastest he ever said yes to a role was 1998’s The Truman Show, in which he played mild-mannered insurance salesman Truman Burbank. The dramatic comedy tells the story of a man whose day-to-day life is secretly fabricated for a TV audience. Everything from Truman’s wife to his friends to the neighborhood he lives in is part...

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    Miss Nеthеrlands 2023 Rеdеfinеs Bеauty Standards

    In a world that is constantly еvolving,  divеrsity and inclusivity havе bеcomе еssеntial valuеs that wе must еmbracе.  Thе rеcеntly crownеd Miss Nеthеrlands 2023...

    Gossip Girl: A Trendsetting TV Series that Redefined Fashion and Teen Drama

    Gossip Girl was probably the first time we were introduced to actual fashion outside of the pages of a magazine, and it inspired me...