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    The Top UAE News Stories You Need to Know

    The UAE is a fascinating place to live, work, and play. It’s a dynamic country with a powerful economy and some of the best infrastructure in the world. But what makes it so interesting? What kind of news happens here?  To help you keep tabs on all things UAE, we've rounded up some of our favourite stories from around the country.  In addition to being entertaining,...

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    When does Burger King Start Serving Lunch

    Are you a food enthusiast constantly on the lookout for a delectable lunch option that doesn't compromise on taste? If your taste buds are...

    Sacramento Shooting on 4th July 2023

    Introduction: Sacramеnto,  thе capital city of California,  has bееn rattlеd by a sеriеs of shootings,  lеaving its rеsidеnts shakеn and communitiеs griеving.  On thе 4th...