The Top UAE News Stories You Need to Know

    The UAE is a fascinating place to live, work, and play. It’s a dynamic country with a powerful economy and some of the best infrastructure in the world. But what makes it so interesting? What kind of news happens here? 

    To help you keep tabs on all things UAE, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite stories from around the country. 

    In addition to being entertaining, they read themselves. These articles will give you an idea of just how different life is here and how much fun there can be when people come together around their shared values instead of their differences.

    Top UAE News Stories You Need to Know
    Top UAE News Stories You Need to Know

    Call for a unified domestic worker policy

    The United Arab Emirates has a large foreign domestic worker population, and it needs to have a unified policy for them. 

    • Domestic workers are entitled to safe working conditions and protection from discrimination. 
    • They should also receive social security benefits like retirement funds and health insurance coverage, which is not currently available in the UAE.
    • The Ministry of Human Resources has announced plans to create a national committee dedicated solely to studying how best to improve the lives of domestic workers within the country’s borders through education reform efforts as well as legislation that would regulate employers’ obligations toward their employees (including compensation rates). 
    • The ministry has also pledged $10 million toward this initiative over three years; however, there remains no timeline for when these reforms will take place or what kind implementable solutions might be found at this point in time

    Rent prices in Abu Dhabi are on the rise

    Rent prices in Abu Dhabi are on the rise. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is Dh90,000 and for a two-bedroom apartment it’s Dh110,000 according to the latest data from real estate website

    The reason for this increase is due to an influx of expatriates and a lack of supply for housing in the city as well as across the UAE at large. This means that landlords have little choice but to raise their prices if they want tenants who will pay them well enough so that they can afford living there themselves instead of renting elsewhere or buying property outright (which often requires significant amounts).

    Dubai is offering a 25-day vacation package for Dh8,500

    The Dubai government has launched a digital health passport for residents, who can use it to keep track of their health and fitness. The passport will be made available in English and Arabic languages, in addition to Hindi and Urdu.

    The UAE’s population is aging rapidly, according to recent census data released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), which showed that there are now more than 19 million people over 60 years old living in the country alone. 

    A report by Bloomberg Businessweek also noted that drowning deaths have increased by 85 percent since 2012 due to rising temperatures during summer periods and that this could mean an increase of up to 50 percent over current rates if nothing is done about them.

    Dubai’s DHA has launched a digital health passport

    • The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has launched a digital health passport, which allows you to access your medical records and store them. 
    • The app also allows patients to share their records with doctors and hospitals. 
    • It’s available in Arabic and English, so if you’re not sure what that means in English, don’t worry the app will translate everything for you.

    UAE residents are drowning at higher rates

    The UAE is a popular destination for tourists, and many people come here to visit Dubai. However, there are some risks that you must be aware of when visiting this region.

    UAE residents are drowning at higher rates than elsewhere in the world. This can be caused by many factors including water pollution and lack of safety equipment such as life jackets or wetsuits.

    There are a lot of moving parts to UAE news

    The UAE is a small country with a large population, so there’s no shortage of stories you can follow, but it can be hard to keep track of everything as new developments come up. 

    And even if you know what’s going on in your city or region, most people don’t have time to read every article that comes out about their community. So we’re here to help.

    We’ve got some tips for getting started:

    • This is probably the easiest way to start getting a sense of what’s going on in your community. 
    • Local news sites tend to have more content about local issues, so they’re a good place to start if you want to learn more about what’s happening in your city or region.

    Amazon’s New Fulfilment Center Opens in the UAE

    Amazon has opened a new fulfilment center in Dubai, with plans to create 2,500 jobs.

    • It will be one of five fulfilment centers that Amazon operates around the world, with others being located in Germany, Spain and Poland as well as two smaller ones in California and Nevada respectively.
    • According to Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this move is part of UAE Economic Vision 2030 by creating more than 100 million new jobs over next 20 years through diversification into new industries such as e-commerce retailing which can generate more than US$5 billion annually if all goes well.

    Dubai Gets 17 New Free WiFi Zones

    The number of free WiFi zones in Dubai has increased by 17 new locations, according to the Dubai Department of Information Technology (DIT). The new hotspots will be located across various public spaces including hotels, restaurants and malls.

    The DIT said that users will have access to high-speed internet services at these areas within five minutes of their arrival at the location. Users can also use their mobile phones or laptops as well as other devices such as tablets with Wi-Fi capabilities on these public spaces for surfing the internet for business purposes or just for fun.

    6 Per Cent of UAE Residents Have a Disability

    6% of UAE residents have a disability, which is higher than the global average of 5%. This is a reflection of the UAE’s rapid development and its focus on accessibility and inclusion.

    The government has committed to creating an inclusive society where all people can participate in society regardless of their ability or disability status.

    UAE Drives Huge Rise in Global Hiring Activity

    According to the latest data from Korn Ferry, a global recruiting firm, the UAE is seeing an increase in job openings and hiring activity.

    The UAE is the fastest growing market for job seekers globally and it’s only getting better. The country’s unemployment rate has been declining over recent years which means more people are looking for work opportunities outside their home country. 

    In fact, according to Bloomberg News’ “Shift Index”, there were over 27 million vacancies worldwide as at June 2019 – up 20% from last year’s 24 million vacancies recorded by Bloomberg News in 2018. 


    The UAE is a great place to live, work and study. But that doesn’t mean it’s all business as usual. As we look forward to the next year in the region, we expect to see a number of interesting developments including more than a few surprises.


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