10 Things You May Not Know About My Wife & Kids Series

    My Wife and Kids is a comedy that aired on ABC from January of 1995 to March 1997. It was created by Damon Wayans, who also starred in the show as well as writing and directing most episodes.

    It was based on Damon Wayans’ real life.

    The show was based on Damon Wayans’ real life. He has a wife and three kids, so it was a perfect fit for him to play the role of the father in the show.

    The series also featured other actors who were married with children, including Jamie Foxx as well as Eddie Murphy and Margaret Cho.

    Damon Wayans’ character would often make fun of how he felt about his wife’s pregnancy or her lack of cooking skills by saying things like “I’m not going to have this baby tonight”.

     About My Wife & Kids Series

    Two episodes weren’t even shown.

    Two episodes were filmed that weren’t even shown until the DVD release. Here are his sayings:

    • “The Family That Plays Together” is a short film about one of my favorite things to do with my family: playing games together. 
    • It was directed by Chris D’Alessandro, and it stars Henry Winkler as Dad and me as Son #3. It’s funny because when we were recording this one, I kept saying “Dad!” every time he started talking in his character voice, which made for some great audio. We’re really proud of what they accomplished together.
    • “The Family That Prays Together” was also directed by Chris D’Alessandro (and produced by him), but this time around it was set up as a series rather than just an episode like its predecessor had been.

    Confused with the other Damon Wayans-led comedy.

    My Wife and Kids is often confused with The Wayans Bros. A sitcom about two brothers. Both shows were created by Damon Wayans and aired on Fox from 1996 to 2002. In fact, both shows were considered family comedies at their conception.

    But that’s where the similarities end. While My Wife and Kids was about an African American family living in Los Angeles, The Wayans Bros centered around Latino culture (and featured some stereotypical depictions of Latinos).

    They did reruns after The Wayans Bros got canceled.

    It was canceled after four seasons, but that didn’t stop the show from being rerun on ABC Family for a while.

    The Wayans Bros. also got a spin-off called “In Living Color” (which ran for seven seasons) and then another one called “The Bernie Mac Show” (which ran for eight seasons).

    BET aired reruns of The Wayans Bros. from 2003 to 2005 when it launched its own network, Viacom’s TV One Channel on January 1st 2006. This channel continues to air The Wayans Bros.’ old episodes today as part of its original programming lineup that includes: 

    • Tyler Perry’s House of Payne (2008–present) 
    • Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns (2011–present)
    • Tyler Perry’s House of Payne 2
    • Road Trip(2014)
    • A Different World 3D Series(2016)

    It started out on ABC as a midseason series.

    The show was one of the first shows to air on ABC’s new Friday night comedy block, which premiered in 2001.

    In its first season, The Drew Carey Show was one of the most-watched shows on ABC. In 2002, it ranked as the #1 new comedy in the 18-49 demographic with an average rating of 7.8/14.

    Michael Strahan guest starred twice.

    You may not know this, but Michael Strahan has been a fan of the show. He played an NFL player in one episode, and then he played a robot in another episode. He was actually an NFL player at the time, so it was great to have him on set.

    The show took few risks.

    The show took few risks but it resonated with fans. It was about a family in a lower-income neighborhood, so the audience could relate to them. The comedy is also realistic and not over-the-top like other sitcoms. The characters’ flaws were shown through the show which created more depth on how they work together as a family.

    The show had a great cast, and the actors were able to capture their characters perfectly. The show was relatable to many people because it showed what some families go through on a daily basis. The show was also funny, which is one of the reasons why people loved watching it.

    The characters were named after their creators and writers.

    The characters on the show were all named after their creators and writers, who were all family members.

    • Damon Wayans was the creator and main character of “My Wife & Kids”. 
    • Damon is married to Marlon Wayans (Marlon’s brother), who played his son on-screen in many episodes. 
    • My wife Karrueche was pregnant with our daughter Alia when we started shooting this series so she was only able to play one episode each season for us before having a baby.

    Damon Wayans was looking for a TV version of his stand-up routine.

    It all began when Damon Wayans was looking for a TV version of his stand-up routine. He wanted something light and funny, but not too serious. He thought that if he could find the perfect show, it would help him stay relevant in the entertainment industry.

    He thought about what made stand-up so successful and decided that it was all about making people laugh on stage or on camera and if you can do both, then you’re golden.

    So Damon set out to create an idea for television that would be similar to his own style, funny and relatable at the same time.

    My Wife and Kids is a funny sitcom.

    It was created by Michael Patrick King and David Hill, who also wrote for Family Matters (which had just been cancelled). 

    • It follows the lives of a family with two kids, a wife and husband.
    • We’ll call them Steve and Judy. 
    • The show premiered to decent ratings but did not become a hit like other shows such as Friends or Seinfeld did. 
    • However it still managed to be popular enough so they could continue producing episodes for another four seasons.

    The show has some very funny moments throughout its run which makes watching this series worth your time if you want something lighthearted but still entertaining at times.


    There’s no doubt that My Wife and KidsCast is a funny sitcom, even though it was very light fare. If you’re looking for an entertaining show, this is definitely one worth checking out. It’s funny, it has heart and it’s great because of all the cast members who are family members.


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