Gossip Girl: A Trendsetting TV Series that Redefined Fashion and Teen Drama

    Gossip Girl was probably the first time we were introduced to actual fashion outside of the pages of a magazine, and it inspired me to become a fashion journalist and relocate to New York City when I was in middle school. Here was New York fashion in all its glory, from the Upper East Siders’ preppy getup’s to the more offbeat look of Jenny Humpfrey, a Brooklynite applying to Parsons, the fashion school I ended up attending after being inspired by the show.

    Popular Fashion Trends from Gossip Girl:

    What we fail to realise is the show’s immense effect in spawning a large number of microtrends, 

    some of which have found their way into the mainstream consumer market and, eventually, our wardrobes. If you do enough digging, you could find some proof that establishes a connection between you and the Van Der Woodsen family. Nice, isn’t it?

    Let’s have a look at some of these famous patterns:

    Wearing Lingerie as Outfits:

    It would be a shame to tuck away beautiful items like slip dresses, silky bralettes, and corsets in the drawer reserved for undergarments. Choices in clothing that were formerly considered unacceptable have gained widespread acceptance as a direct result of Miss Waldorf’s experiments in the noughts with lace and satin.

    Fashion Impacted by Beech:

    The nautical genome dominated massively when it was accepted by the Upper East Side’s it girls. This was seen by the prevalence of sailor collars, striped details, and enormous quantities of blue. Gossip Girl is fully responsible for the fact that every H&M and Forever 21 shop now has hundreds of nautical products, despite the fact that the style has undoubtedly been there since the beginning of time.

    Gothic Styles:

    The trip that Jenny Humphrey takes in the film My Goth Feelings in terms of her own style is one that will be recorded in the history books of fashion. The fact that she made all of her own Gothic ensembles brought a breath of new air to the genre. Following the collision of Serena’s and Blair’s brilliant colours, the punk allusions and glimpses of people dressed in full black were a much-appreciated reprieve.

    Winter Fashion:

    We are unable to experiment with trench coats and knee-high boots because to the scorching summers in India; yet, we have gathered a few long line jackets, wool scarves, and boots for the ambience alone.As charged; found guilty.

    The years when Gossip Girl appeared on television were the years in which flouncy peplums reached their zenith of popularity. Several of the shirts, skirts, and jackets included a peplum element. This was done so that they would be consistent with Blair Waldorf’s posh and preppy demeanour.

    Extravagant Fashion:

    It’s natural to admire Serena van der Woodsen and wish you could take the spotlight as she does by wearing the most extravagant costume ever seen on a human being. There is no disputing that Gossip Girl instilled in us the importance of overdressing; as a result, many of us have a large number of articles of clothes that are just gathering dust in our closets. It’s possible that all of us were gazing up at the sun with a little too much adoration.

    A lot of Fluting and Fringing:

    There is just a little difference between seeming to be a court jester and appearing to be a rich trust fund kid. Caution: Proceed with caution, particularly when including frills and ruffles into your design. A subdued colour palette and understated design tend to provide the greatest results, just as Blair does.

    A Parade of Plaids:

    Despite the fact that the story of Gossip Girl takes place in a high school, the program’s wardrobe has elevated it to the level of a fashion show. But you should know that there was no shortage of fashions inspired by schoolgirls. The want to wear a plaid skirt outside of school got the better of us, despite the fact that we despised our own school uniforms when we were younger. Plaid skirts were having a moment.

    Chic Peplum Gymnasium Outfit:

    Peplum’s with plenty of volume were all the rage during the years when Gossip Girl was on the air. In keeping with the aristocratic and preppy attitude of Blair Waldorf, we saw several different interpretations of the peplum attachment, either on shirts, skirts, or jackets. This was seen across the board.

    Everything is White:

    Core of the Abbas Mastan religion or the Grecian Goddess? I suppose you’ll never find out. But none of us can deny that, at some point in the 2010s, we dabbled with the all-white mania that was prevalent at the time. Prepare yourself to sign a detergent campaign even if doing so involves a significant risk, especially if you want it to be successful.

    It’s understandable that Serena van der Woodson would feel compelled to steal the show by showing up in the most magnificent item of apparel that guy has ever seen and grabbing everyone’s attention. Gossip Girl unquestionably instilled in us the importance of overdressing, and as a result, the majority of the items in our closets are collecting dust instead of being used. I guess we all got a bit carried away with our fangirling a little too near to the sun.

    Up gradation of Wardrobe in Gossip Girls New Series:

    Characters on the new series have upgraded their wardrobes from the skinny ties, vests, and sequin blazers that Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodson favoured to oversized varsity jackets, biker shorts, and mini Louis Vuitton totes, with a focus on emerging designers like JW Pei. Daman, who worked on the costumes for both versions, was said to have done the same thing the first time around.


    To dismiss Gossip Girl as nothing more than a typical example of chick-flick television would be doing a great injustice to the show’s many dedicated fans. We are all aware that River dale and Emily in Paris are only fleeting trends since we continue to watch endless hours of Serena and Blair killing time in the Hampton on repeat. The exhibition, now 15 years old, is just as essential as it has ever been, if not more so, especially in terms of the fashion industry.;


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