Does Kakashi Die? | 7 Reasons Why He Won’t Die

    The death of Kakashi is one of the biggest fan theories about Naruto. However, there’s no evidence that he dies in any way. There are also many other characters who could be killed off by this theory, but we don’t think that will happen either. 

    We want to explain why we believe Kakashi will not die soon and what would be the reasons if he did get killed off permanently.

    There is no evidence that Kakashi dies.

    The following are the reasons why Kakashi won’t die:

    • There is no evidence that Kakashi dies. If you look at the series in its entirety, it becomes obvious that there’s no indication of Kakashi dying or even being injured until after his battle with Sasuke and Naruto. 
    • His injuries are minor, so he could easily recover from them without any outside help or medical attention (which would be ridiculous). 
    • The only time we see him seriously injured is when he falls out of a tree while attempting to rescue Rin from Gaara’s sand trap. However, this injury doesn’t seem like something that could keep him down for long, especially since Naruto wouldn’t let him die.
    • There will be a funeral if he dies. Even though some people might think “this isn’t real life” because they’re reading an article about fictional characters on comics-related websites like ours here at ScreenRant, we can assure you that everything happening in our world today has happened before. 
    • And sometimes multiple times over. So even though this article focuses specifically on one specific character who does not appear again after their initial appearance (but does appear again later), there are plenty more instances where other characters may experience similar situations where death comes into play.

    Kakashi and Guy are rivals.

    Kakashi and Guy are rivals, but they are also best friends and highly respect each other. They share the same goal in life: 

    • To be the greatest ninja in Konoha 
    • Will protect its citizens from harm.

    Kakashi is an excellent ninja and can use any weapon or technique he needs to defeat his enemies. However, he doesn’t like killing people unless it’s necessary for protecting others from harm (which he usually does). 

    This makes him an unusual character among most fictional heroes who kill for revenge or because their morals demand it. A good example would be Batman who kills criminals rather than letting them go free. So that others won’t get hurt by them later on down the line (such as when Joker tried killing Harvey Dent). 

    As such, Kakashi has become popular among fans because many feel like they understand what goes through his mind when making decisions regarding whether or not someone should live versus die and whether those decisions were right ones too.

    Kakashi witness the transformation of Obito Uchiha into Tobi.

    • You may have read that Kakashi was one of the first people to witness the transformation of Obito Uchiha into Tobi.
    • But did you know that Kakashi is also a great teacher, who can teach Naruto Uzumaki well?
    • The seventh Hokage has not been decided yet. It could be Kakashi.

    The seventh Hokage could be Kakashi. The reason is that he has been an inspiration to Naruto Uzumaki, who will become the next Hokage after him.

    Kakashi is a great teacher.

    • Kakashi is a great teacher, who can teach Naruto Uzumaki well. 
    • He was once called “the best ninja in the village”. 
    • And he has proven his skill many times over. 
    • If you ask me, it’s because of how much they trust each other that they are such good friends but also because of their similar styles of fighting.

    Naruto needs to learn the Rasengan from Kakashi so that he can use it against Pain when he returns for round 2 (this will probably happen next episode). If not for this reason alone, then surely because we’ve seen how much skillful control Kakashi has with his chakra manipulation techniques during battle scenes like these ones below.

    The seventh Hokage has not been decided.

    The seventh Hokage has not been decided yet. It could be Kakashi, who has been teaching Naruto for years and is one of the strongest shinobi in the world. He is also a great teacher, having taught Anko Mitarashi how to use her Sharingan before she became an S-class criminal (something that would have taken years to learn if it wasn’t for him).

    Kakashi’s skills as a ninja have yet to be seen at their full potential because he is too busy following the orders from his superiors. If you think about it, he has had plenty of time since becoming an ANBU member back when Naruto was still just a child who wanted nothing more than to become stronger than anyone else around him so that no one would ever hurt him again.

    No hints of any main characters in Naruto will die.

    The story of Naruto continues even after Jiraiya’s death, so it is not likely that he will die anytime soon.

    In the manga, there are no signs that any of the main characters will die in the near future. In fact, Naruto’s story continues with his son Boruto Uzumaki as he trains to be a ninja to protect his village from other countries’ attacks and threats.

    Naruto is still a very popular manga, so there will be more seasons made. It’s possible that Naruto will die in the future, but not right now. The creator of Naruto Masashi Kishimoto said he wanted to end the series after 10 yearsIn the anime. Naruto’s death was shown only in a flashback by his son. In the manga, it did not happen at all. This means that Naruto will continue to fight for his village and protect it from villains who want to take over Konoha..

    Naruto is still continuing even after the death of Jiraiya.

    Naruto is a popular anime, which has more than 700 episodes. The series follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who wishes to become Hokage of Konohagakure.

    We needn’t worry about Kakashi dying for now

    • Kakashi has a lot of potential. He is a great teacher and one who can be counted on for leadership, but also for friendship. He has many friends and allies, including Sasuke, Rin Nohara and even his former rival Obito Uchiha.
    • He’s respected by everyone he meets (including you). You might not know it yet but all your classmates respect him as an expert ninja. Who fought against Madara during the war years ago when they first met each other in the Academy. 
    • They admire how he survived those attacks despite being injured multiple times throughout his life while protecting those around him at all costs. This includes protecting even himself when necessary.


    Kakashi’s death is something that I think is inevitable. It’s been seven years since the last major book has been released, and it’ll be another decade before we see another one. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things we can do to make sure Kakashi lives on as long as possible.

    • We need to stop thinking of Naruto and Sakura when we’re talking about their deaths.
    • We should never forget that Naruto was brought back from death and gave us this wonderful story line.
    • If you want your favorite character to live forever, then don’t kill them off in any way shape or form. Just let them live on through other characters like Boruto or Sasuke who could take over after him if anything happens’.
    • Don’t worry about doing what everyone else does because it might not end up being canon material. Instead focus on following YOUR vision for each character. So they will always be remembered as a part of something special.

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